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July 14, 2014


San Francisco headquartered BAYDELTA Maritime, commissioned a sixth Delta Class Tug with Nichols Brothers Boat Builders out of Whidbey Island Washington. The Jensen designed M/V Delta Audrey, is a 100’x40’ z-drive tractor tug that is set to be delivered in June. The Tractor Tug is ABS load line certified and consists of a complete propulsion system that includes two Caterpillar 3516C diesel engines coupled to the Rolls Royce propulsion package. This system will produce 93 tons of bollard pull with a combined horsepower of 6800, giving the tug exceptional pulling power and maneuverability. The vessel is outfitted with two Markey Winches; one forward for ship assist and one aft for towing. The two winch suite includes the Markey Model DEPCF-52-75HP Class II Hawser Winch and the TES-40 Tow Winch. The DEPCF-52 has a drum capacity for up to 750 ft. of 9-1/2” / 10” soft-line and has a rated performance of 30,800 LBS at 378 ft/min. Included in the package is the Markey Render/Recover ® feature that allows for hands free operation at up to full rated line-speeds and line-tension. The TES-40 is sized for up to 2800 ft. of 2-1/4” wire rope (26 x 48 x 76) with an air-controlled drum brake and drum disconnect clutch and an 18” dia. warping head. The TES-40 rated performance at barrel layer is 154,000 lbs. stall line-pull and 110,200 lbs. running line-pull at 20 ft/min. Together they will share a single VFD drive panel and dynamic braking resistors, while having discrete wheelhouse controls for each winch. This reduces the impact of “below-deck” equipment on available space, as well as system cost while supporting full functionality of either winch. Founded in 1907, Markey Machinery Company is the leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality custom deck machinery for work boat, scientific, and dockside applications.



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A Half Century Later And Still Going Strong: Markey Winches Are Built To Last.

July 14, 2014

Seattle, Washington.

In 1956, Elvis hit the charts with Heartbreak Hotel, Eisenhower was President of the United States, the New York Yankees beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in seven games to win the World Series and Markey Machinery built a winch designated the TES-22.

Commissioned in 1955 by Parker Brothers and Company out of Houston Texas for the tug WAVERLY, the TES-22 was innovative for its time. The new winch was rated for 15,000 lbs. of line pull at 50 ft./min, had a port side gypsy, automatic level-wind and 25HP waterproof motor.  The drum capacity was for 1275 feet of 1 ¼” wire and it was built in the Markey tradition of “Hell for Stout.” A tradition that continues to this day.


Figure 1 TES-22 Ready for Shipment; 1956

Throughout the years, the Tug WAVERLY has been renamed numerous times, changed owners and has worked from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. More recently however, the tug has been renamed the SPECIALIST by co-owners John Magnaldi and Daryl Powell. Operating in New York Harbor for their Company New York Maritime Inc., the TES-22 is still in use today. Fifty-Eight years later, the TES-22 continues to perform its daily duties as if it were fresh off the factory floor. Owner-Operator Daryl Powell states, “We stand behind our Markey Tow Machine 100%” and calls Markey Machines the best winches “on the planet.”  However, the success of New York Maritime is not solely reliant on the winch alone. Daryl points out that the company’s success would not be possible without the “seasoned, dedicated, loyal, and hardworking boatman” of the men operating the machines, something Markey Machinery stands behind wholeheartedly. President of Markey, Blaine Dempke noted, “The fact that this winch is still operating today is testament to the men of Markey who built it. A legacy that we continue to carry forward today in the design, craftsmanship and construction of our winches.”


Figure 2 SPECIALIST Crew with the TES-22; 2014

Markey Machinery is proud to be supporting the hard working men of New York Maritime Inc. and all our customers out there getting the job done day in and day out with our machines. We have continuously produced safe and durable marine winches for the past 107 years. With hard working Americans in mind, the company builds them tough and reliable so tug operators have one less thing to worry about while on the job. Markey’s commitment to the men and women operating its machinery is unwavering and our quality of service can be seen in the number of return customers. Where will your winch be in 50 years?


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Older Markey Equipment Doesn’t Fade Away, It Just Comes Home for New Life

January 31, 2013


Gyrfalcon Windlass courtesy Nancy Everds

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — January 31, 2013 — The late W.C. “Bill” Markey, President of Markey Machinery for over 40 years (1948 to 1988) coined a simple phrase for the company’s design philosophy, “Built Hell For Stout”. As a result, an extraordinary number of Markey deck machines manufactured during that era (and after) are still in service today.

As a result, customers often contact Markey for service parts and/or complete overhaul of a winch that is over 50 years old. Much of the company’s older equipment is “cross-decked” (moved to a new vessel) after the vessel it was originally installed on is retired. Sometimes the original vessels find new life in a new role.

In 2012, Markey created an “Alumni” web page, featuring pictures, video, and short stories about “senior systems” that are still in service, or have returned to the factory for refurbishment. Since the company has maintained extensive records and all of the manufacturing drawings for this equipment, new owners are sometimes surprised at just how much history the company can provide on an old piece of deck gear.

One such situation recently occurred when Nancy Everds and partner Peter Mann reached out to Markey regarding an anchor windlass on a wooden boat they are rebuilding as a future ocean-based home and yacht:

“We think that our winches on our boat were constructed/installed by Markey (see attached photo). We own a 1941 wooden boat that was an Alaska Survey Vessel built at Sagstad in Ballard. She was named Patton originally (sister ship to the Lester Jones, now named Summer Wind), and was decommissioned in the 1960s and then named Challenger, St. Croix, and Triton. We renamed her Gyrfalcon. At some point, we’ll probably want to have you guys take a look at our winches, assuming that you did the original work. In the meantime, I just wanted to get in touch and see if you knew anything about our boat winches (”

The couple was amazed when Markey V.P. Robert “Bobby” LeCoque promptly replied, “The attached scan includes the original outline drawing (AW-525) and the original proposal from Markey to S.E. Sagstad dated Oct. 1940 for the anchor windlass aboard the Patton. No problem taking a look at the winch and we can supply new components too, as we still have all of the original drawings.” They have indicated that as refurbishment work proceeds, their particular piece of 73-year-old Markey equipment will “come home” to receive some “TLC”; and be returned to “factory-new” condition.

W.C. Markey would be proud. The tradition of “Built Hell for Stout” is alive and well, and continues to be supported by the company that he devoted his lifetime to.

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TES-40-75HP Video Now Available

January 29, 2013

YouTube Preview Image

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Markey Fills Out Electric Towing Winch Line with TES-40 Shipment for Harley

January 3, 2013

YouTube Preview ImageSEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — January 3, 2013 — As the new year begins, Markey Machinery is preparing a new TES-40-75HP electric towing winch for shipment that will be installed on Harley Marine Services new Z-drive ship assist tractor tug “M/V ROBERT FRANCO”.

The first item of two suites of deck machinery specified by Harley for both the “M/V ROBERT FRANCO” and its’ sister, the “M/V AHBRA FRANCO”, the TES-40-75HP towing winch also fills out Markey’s electric towing winch line which now covers wire sizes between 1-1/4” through 2-1/2”. The TES-40-75HP is a rugged single-drum electric towing winch with fairlead and warping head, designed specifically for use on ASD-tugs where aft deck space is at a premium. Its AC Variable Frequency electric drive satisfies a wide range of performance requirements. All electrical components comply with ABS, USCG, and IEEE-45 standards.

The tow winch is part of a two-winch suite of equipment that also includes a Markey Model DEPCF-52-75HP Class II Hawser Winch.  Together, the two winches will share a single VFD drive panel and dynamic braking resistors, while having discrete wheelhouse controls for each winch. This reduces the impact of “below-deck” equipment on available space, as well as system cost while supporting full functionality of either winch.

The balance of the two shipsets is scheduled to ship in the near future. Both tugs are being built by Nichols Brothers Boat Builders of Freeland, Washington, with expected launch dates in the spring and summer of 2013. The tugs will enter service on the U.S. West Coast and will enhance Harley Marine’s current fleet of tractor tugs operating in the Tanker Escort and Ship Assist markets.

For more information on the TES-40-75HP towing winch, click here.

Founded in 1907, Markey Machinery is the leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality custom deck machinery for workboat, scientific, and dockside applications. Markey products include towing, ship‐assist, and escort winches; single or multi‐drum and traction‐style deep sea research winches; capstans, windlasses and other high performance machines.

Harley Marine Services is a leading provider of marine transportation services in the United States. Harley Marine operates on the United States West Coast (including Alaska), New York Harbor and the US Gulf Coast. Services provided include the transportation and storage of petroleum products, ship assist and escort, the transportation of general cargo and rescue towing. Harley Marine is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and maintaining our obligations to employees, shareholders, our community and the nvironment.

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A NEW VIDEO of the MARKEY CAST-6 Motion-Compensating Oceanographic Science Winch IS NOW AVAILABLE

December 6, 2012

Markey Machinery is pleased to announce our very first “video data sheet”.

To see it, please click here: CAST-6 Video Data Page

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Markey Equipment Selected For New Canadian Super Ice Class Tugs

November 1, 2012

Markey Machinery is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the order for a complete suite of deck machinery for the most powerful Harbor Class Tugs ever to be built in Canada. The tugs will be operated by Group Ocean of Quebec, Canada for harbor operations, ship escort services, short and long distance towing, as well as rescue operations and wreck removals. The new TunDRA 100 tugs, highly powerful, efficient and versatile, will serve to meet the growing needs in power and capacities for ice navigation of the maritime market in Northern Quebec and Canada. The hull of the TunDRA 100 tug will be reinforced and certified “1A Super F.S.” by Lloyd’s Register for ice navigation, and its engines will develop a force of 8,000 BHP, resulting in a total bollard pull of nearly 100 Metric Tons.

Jacques Tanguay, Group Ocean First Vice President and General Manager stated in a Group Ocean press release earlier this year that “Ships are constantly increasing in size, chinamax vessels are almost here and the shipping market of Northern Quebec and Canada offers a horizon of sustainable development. We needed to equip ourselves with tugs able to meet the increased demand in power and capacity in the ice. This new project is the result of several technical studies and a logical expansion of our fleet. We are already considering the production of a series of these ultra-powerful tugs”.

The Markey suites of deck machinery will include:
• Markey Model DESDF-48-200HP Electric Class III Hawser Winch
◦ A Split-Drum sized to store up to 300 meters of 10” circ. (80mm dia.) soft-line on each side
◦ An extra-heavy duty levelwind featuring two rope guides to service each side of mid-flange
◦ Render/Recover® capable of operation up to full rated line-speeds and line-tension
◦ Instrumentation to allow for the display of line-tension, scope, and line speed during ALL modes of operation
◦ Controls including a handheld wireless remote unit, as well as wheelhouse and on-deck stationary control stations
◦ A load shedding feature enabling the winch to automatically reduce power to a predefined limit if the generator becomes too loaded.

• Markey Model TES-40UL-125HP Electric Single-Drum Towing Winch.
◦ Drum sized for up to 800 meters of 64 mm (2-1/2”) wire rope
◦ Enclosed chain-and-diamond-screw automatic level-wind, in oil-bath (spooling gear)
◦ Instrumentation to allow for the display of line-tension, scope, and line speed
◦ Handheld wireless remote operation using the same control used for Hawser Winch operation, plus dedicated wheelhouse and on-deck stationary control stations

• Two (2) Markey Model VEP-16-40 Electric Vertical Capstan / Windlasses.

◦ Sized for 26 mm stud link chain
◦ On-deck stationary control station

Scott Kreis, Markey’s Vice President of Sales and project leader for this opportunity, makes special note of the extensive collaborative effort between Group Ocean, Markey, Robert Allan Ltd and Lloyd’s Register.

“When we were first approached by Group Ocean over two years ago, the development and coordination of “Ice Class” standards by the world’s marine rating agencies were in their earliest stages. Group Ocean had never used Markey equipment, but was well aware of our reputation as a manufacturer of rugged, reliable, and technologically superior equipment.”

“Following our standard sales and engineering methodology, we visited Group Ocean’s headquarters, met with their senior management and rode their tugs to gain a better feel for their particular operational challenges.”

“We then applied our decades of experience in supplying deck equipment for service in Alaska and oceanographic winches for use in Antarctica to satisfy the requirements of both Group Ocean and Lloyd’s Register.”

“Finally, we worked closely with the naval architects and marine engineers at Robert Allan Ltd to integrate the winch systems into the TunDRA 100 tug design.”

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Markey to Provide Winch Suite For AGOR-27

March 2, 2012

Markey Machinery is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an order for a complete suite of winch systems onboard AGOR-27, a new academic research vessel under construction at Dakota Creek Industries, (Anacortes, Washington).

Sponsored by the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research, this award continues a plan to renew America’s aging fleet of academic research vessels, including ocean ranging vessels like the US Navy’s Knorr (AGOR-15).

Markey’s participation continues the company’s strong tradition as a supplier of deck machinery for these vessels, having previously supplied equipment to the AGOR-14 “Melville” (SIO), AGOR-15 “Knorr” (WHOI), AGOR-22 “Moana Wave” (retired), AGOR-23 “Thomas G. Thompson” (UW), AGOR-24 “Roger Revelle” (SIO), AGOR-25 “Atlantis” (WHOI), and the AGOR-NOAA vessel “Ron Brown.”

Markey Machinery was invited to join the team of Dakota Creek Industries and Guido Perla Associates, (Seattle, Washington) as ship board handling systems integrator during the competitive design phase for the vessel in 2010. In fact the Markey offering was one of the reasons cited for awarding the vessel to the team.

The scope of the order is for one ship set, including two type CAST6-125 Deep Sea Research Winches with active motion compensation, a type DETW-9-11 All-Electric Traction Winch System with two storage drums, one instrumented flagging block, one ship board wire monitoring system and a type WES-23 Electric Anchor Windlass with two wild cats and two warping heads. All equipment furnished will be built by Markey at its Seattle, Washington, USA location utilizing its own skilled and experienced American workforce.

The type CAST6-125 is a third generation winch that can support research and explore depths with its drum capacity rated at 10,000 meters of 0.393 inch diameter electro-optical-mechanical cable. The winch features a close tolerance low mass moment of inertia drum for precise motion control of CTD/Rosette sampling instruments in sea state 5 environments.  The feature eliminates unwanted ship motion, thus extending the life of cables for improved safety.

The winches use direct coupled vector-duty 125HP non-proprietary, readily available electric motors. These vector-duty motors are sourced in America and possess a substantial history of reliability in marine applications. The winches exceed new fleet design standards and wire rope factors of safety promulgated by United States academic institutions.

Features of the CAST6-125 include:

A  motor-driven precision level wind system. A pushbutton operator interface enables the level wind to electronically adjust to any diameter wire, cable or softline.

A  two sheave instrumented fairlead head that eliminates reverse bends. The
elimination of one sheave in the cable path and all reverse bends will  effectively extend the service life of expensive, fragile cables.

The output sheave of the fairlead is mounted in a flagging block which sweeps 360 degrees.  This unique design  eliminates the need for deck hands to carry and rig intermediate blocks or  fairleads, resulting in less time spent rigging, more time for sampling,  which reduces overall operational time and expense.

A modern single speed transmission coupled with AC variable-frequency speed
controllers improves reliability and are more efficient, while requiring less maintenance than hydraulic powered machines.  Independent studies confirm that the payback of investing in all electric machines occurs as soon as the shipyard delivers the vessel.

The DETW-9-11 is a second generation all-electric version of Markey’s proven traction winch system. As such it also features a number of enhancements and new innovations:

Unique cantilevered heads with removable, overhung bolt-on traction wheels enable
easy line-reeving without threading.

An enhanced control system which eliminates the need for an auxiliary tensioner between the traction head, and the storage reels. Eliminating the sheaves associated with tensioners will extend the service life of the cables.

Markey’s proven AC Variable Frequency Drive System and electric motors giving
precise control.

A gear train utilizing planetary reducers with all elements enclosed in oil bath lubrication.

Storage reels featuring a right-angle level-wind, which can be disengaged under full tension.

Lebus-grooved  drum shells.

Rounding out the suite is Markey’s WES-23 Electric Anchor Windlass with two wild cats and two warping heads.

A video data sheet about the CAST-6 is available here.


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Markey Wins Render/Recover® Trademark Dispute

February 13, 2012

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — February 8, 2012 — Markey Machinery is pleased to announce that it has prevailed in a dispute over its’ longtime trademark, Render/Recover®, which was initiated by another winch manufacturer. On February 6, 2012 the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board did “dismiss with prejudice (the) Petition for Cancellation of the trademark Render/Recover, Serial Number 3,545,593.”

“The court decision recognized our origination of the term in 1994,” said Markey President Blaine Dempke. “It’s unfortunate that we had to defend something that was so clearly identified with our company, but defend it we did. We really had no other choice.”

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Markey Engineers New A&R Winches for Offshore

September 16, 2011

Markey Machinery recently introduced its new line of Abandonment and Recovery (A&R) winches.  Development of Markey’s A&R winches was facilitated through partnership with a world-wide service provider operating a fleet of marine vessels. The manufacturer says that the A&R machines are more cost effective in operation and maintenance requirements, thus making them ideal for oil field services such as maintenance, repair, and decommissioning.

Markey’s type DEPS-76AR is a single drum, direct-pull type winch with level wind designed to work 3,300m of 4.75-in. (120mm) diameter wire rope. Redundant vector-motors developing 1,750 hp (1,310 kW) turn the drum through an induction hardened helical transmission. AC-variable frequency drives produce retrieval speeds of 32 m/min. and enabling torque control down to zero speed.  Markey’s automatic Render/Recover controls is designed to tame peak loads while pulling in 450Tm- over cable weight.

The logistical demands of offshore oil and gas service-provider’s operations produced distinctive features – beginning with this machine’s mechanical arrangement.  The form of the DEPS is single drum- direct pull style of winch. Traction heads, alternatively, require multiple sheaves to produce the same pulling force. Bending wire ropes produces uneven strand loading and internal friction leading to accelerated wear of expensive cables. The DEPS-76 is designed to maximize the working life of ropes. Service providers that couple properly engineered machinery with sound maintenance practices enhance on-site productivity realizing greater margins on each project.

Markey engineers design with a 34:1 D:d ratio – substantially larger and easier on the wire rope than the 20:1 D:d ratio of traction winch systems. The automatic fairleader withstands the breaking force of 4.75-in. (120mm) diameter wire. The drum-fairlead system carefully lays each adjacent wrap-protecting the exterior strands of the wire rope from abrasion. Sizing the drum to store the full scope of wire in eight layers benefits the performance of the winch and minimizing wire point loading.  To make the machine more versatile, Markey’s engineers designed a field bolt-on wire rope kit to adapt DEPS-76 grooved drum cores and sheaves to different wire diameters- if needed.  This advanced A&R machine is optimized and custom for a single customer’s application and specifications.

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Markey To Supply Advanced CTD Handling System For Scripps’ Research Vessel

August 23, 2011

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — August 23, 2011— Markey Machinery
Company announced that it is under contract to supply Scripps Institution of
Oceanography (La Jolla, California, USA) with advanced deck equipment used to
conduct scientific investigations using Conductivity, Temperature, & Depth (CTD) Rosette samplers.  This new CTD handling system includes a third generation Markey CAST6-125 Deep Sea Research Winch with active motion compensation controls, integrated with an Allied Systems Company  (Sherwood, Oregon, USA) specialty CTD handling system with anti-pendulation CTD docking head.  The system fully conforms to 46CFR-Subpart 189.35—Weight Handling Gear (for Oceanographic Vessels), as well as Research Vessel Safety Standards Appendix A – “UNOLS Rope and Cable Safe Working Load,” and Appendix B – “UNOLS Load Handling System Design Standards.”  Following factory testing the system will be retrofit aboard the general purpose research vessel Roger Revelle (US Navy AGOR-23 class) to overboard their CTD/ Rosette sampler without the use of tag lines.  The automated control feature and active motion compensation functions improve shipboard safety during overboarding operations, improve data by decoupling ship and sampler motion, and extend the life of electro-mechanical cables.

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DESDF-48-200 “All Above Deck” Asymmetric Render/Recover® Hawser Winch

July 30, 2011

The DESDF-48-200 is a high-performance, three-speed 200HP divided-drum electric ARR Type III hawser winch with automatic Render/Recover® capabilities, adjustable tension and line scope (length) set-points, and a dynamic high-speed water-cooled slip-brake. Constant tension control permits full hands-free operation, with active line-tension monitoring during all winch activities.
  • Constant-tension winch line-pulls to 446,000 lbs / 1984 kN.
  • Automatic inhaul and payout up to speeds of 924 ft/min – 282 m/min.
  • Water-cooled multi-disc brake with holding capacity to 678,000 lbs
  • Maximum freewheel speed of 1000+ ft/min / 305 m/min
  • Wheelhouse controls with on-deck emergency stop and freewheel pushbuttons. Line
    tension display available at all times whether operating the brake or the electric drive.
    Automatic or Manual three-speed transmission, selectable at the wheelhouse control
  • Active line-tension monitoring during all winch operations
  • Click here to view our brochure.
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    Markey Will Be At ITS 2012

    July 29, 2011

    Come see us at Booth 64

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    Markey COMB-01 “Sidewinder” Winch Featured In Sea Technology Magazine

    July 27, 2011

    Markey’s new COMB-01 “Sidewinder” winch was recently featured in Sea Technology Magazine. Click HERE to read the article..

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    DESDF-48-200 Asymmetric Render/Recover® “all above deck” winches

    July 24, 2011

    Markey Machinery recently shipped the first of its new DESDF-48-200 Asymmetric Render/Recover “all above deck” winches. You can see the technical information by clicking here.

    Stay tuned for a link to a future magazine article!

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    Tugnology 2011 – Read Markey’s Latest White Paper “Making It Real”

    July 24, 2011

    The team of Barry Griffin, Blaine Dempke and Peter Hammerschlag present a look at 25 years of Render/Recover development, and the practical results.  Click here to read more…

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    Markey Looking To Wärtsilä For International Service Network In Australia

    July 22, 2011

    SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA — July 22, 2011— Markey Machinery and
    Wärtsilä in Australia announced today that they will collaborate to provide service
    support for Markey products in that country.

    “After looking at many potential overseas service suppliers, we recognized that the best equipped were primarily focused on propulsion systems and power generation,” said Markey President Blaine Dempke. “We needed a company with complimentary electrical and mechanical skills, a specific business focus on service and repair, and possessing the right equipment and facilities to do the job. That’s been a difficult combination to come up with.”

    And adding to the challenge, “We also hoped to find a service organization with multiple locations, in markets and areas where we are focused. Needless to say, finding a possible partner with all of those qualifications was proving to be a daunting task.”

    That task was made easier when Wärtsilä – USA and Markey recently met. Although the two companies have not previously had any type of formal relationship, both have been keenly aware of the other. Over the past few years, casual conversations have occurred in the US about possible ways to work together. Additionally, as Wärtsilä has focused greater attention on the service market in the US, the number of “common customers” has grown.
    Concurrently, Markey has been pursuing overseas system opportunities in a number of Wärtsilä service markets. Both companies were appearing on each other’s radar regularly, establishing some form of complimentary business relationship became a logical “next step.”

    John Sydney, Managing Director for Wärtsilä Australia is certainly enthusiastic about the new relationship, saying “I look forward to partnering up with Markey to service (the) Australian market. I believe it adds service synergy to our own operations as we do have common clienteles and markets.”

    That sentiment is echoed by Markey’s Dempke, “We feel that Wärtsilä is strongly committed to the service market, as shown by the investment that they have made in equipment, locations, and personnel around the world. If we can’t be in front of our customer due to circumstances, we believe Wärtsilä will do the best job of taking care of them on our behalf.”

    About Wärtsilä:  Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets. By emphasizing technological innovation and total efficiency,
    Wärtsilä maximizes the environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants of its customers.

    In 2010, Wärtsilä’s net sales totaled EUR 4.6 billion with 17,500 employees. The company has operations in 160 locations in 70 countries around the world. Wärtsilä is listed on the
    NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, Finland.

    About Markey: Founded in 1907, Markey Machinery is the leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality custom deck machinery for workboat, scientific, and dockside applications. Markey products include towing, ship-assist, and escort winches; single or multi-drum and traction-style deep sea research winches; capstans, windlasses and other high performance machines.

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